The Rebrand

When Green Valley started its operations in the year 2000, branding and design were not at the top of its priorities.

The goal was to put a stop to the exploitative practices of middlemen and guarantee a stable income to the farmers while ensuring customers get access to pure coconut oil.

The branding was done quickly and packaging labels were also produced in a rush to get the production rolling.

But that was the year 2000. 22 years have passed by and we have realised the importance of having an identity that concretely establishes what we stand for.

We have relaunched our products with a new logo and new packaging to convey our brand’s personality well.


Our new logo puts the farmer first. Our farmer centric model makes sure that each coconut that goes into our processing unit comes from hands that lovingly tended to them.

We firmly believe it is the farmers' hard work that brings everything together and we understand the importance of fair price and ethical trade practices.

In the background is our beloved valley and the evergreen palms that form the core of our products. The drop of oil from the palm symbolises the purity of our coconut oil.

Brand Typography and Colour Palette

Through a bold typeface and colour palette inspired by coconut groves as they go from day to night, our new identity embodies the core values of Green Valley.


Our old packaging relied on a basic green palette across all our containers. During the packaging overhaul, we decided to pick a colourful playful feel for the regular coconut oil containers and to opt for a more soothing, gentle look for the virgin coconut oil labels.

Our regular coconut oil packaging plays around with vibrant colours that flow from container to container. A detailed coconut pattern stays constant on all the labels keeping the central focus on the product and its origins.

The virgin coconut oil labels incorporate soothing shades of green and use the same undulating valleys that form the base of the new logo.

Our new sleeker, refined look is matched by internal changes that will make our products more accessible to a wider section of customers across the country and outside.

Entry on Social Media

We are going all out on social media. Realising that meaningful conversations and change in a post pandemic world start out online, we have set up engaging accounts on leading social media sites.

We hope to drive purposeful discussions online around healthy eating, conscious consumption and fair trade practices while understanding our consumers and their various preferences.

And Much More

Comprehensive product listings on ecommerce sites like Amazon places our wide range of oil products within reach of a conscious customer base on the internet.

Our old HTML website is replaced by a newer, user friendly site that mirrors our extensive rebrand.

Our Rebranding Reveal took place on April 16th, 2022. Find more about the campaign on our social media pages. If you are passionate about good quality coconut oil, please get hold of our fresh looking bottles from the market.

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