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Let's be honest, our lives are busy and we don't always have time to take care of our little things. Our hair, skin and diet can all affect how we feel and how we look. The little things in our busy lives seem to take a back seat sometimes. Little things that go unnoticed, but without them there would be no one left to pay attention to them. But taking care of these things helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle which will impact your overall well being and appearance as well.

The Fading Fields

Agriculture in India is slowly dying. It's about time we acknowledged the crisis. In this article, the farmers of Palakkad talks about the difficulties they face in the industry.

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the farmers of india

A Testament Of The Land

Agriculture have always favored Palakkad. This is a comprehensive list of the whys and hows from the farmers of Palakkad.

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What Is The Price Of A Litre Of Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil prices have been on an unstable trajectory since last year. Find out what the cost of coconut oil is today!

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Coconut Oil 1L price in kerala