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December 23, 2022

Our entire life is a scavenger hunt for finding delicious food. Nothing hits better than that post food coma and the satisfaction of a full tummy. But finding healthy food might be a bit tricky in this day and age.

Do you have an entire cupboard filled with takeout plastic ware? Do you receive the "I miss you" text notification from Zomato every half hour? Then this one's for you. We get it. Cooking is a hassle. Especially when you have a 9-5 job. And the post cooking chores, that is the last thing you need in your tiring day.

What if we tell you it takes only 10 minutes to make the best, yummiest and healthiest meal of your life?

And you thought health, taste and budget friendly cannot be put in the same line. 

We have a simple and quick salad recipe in store for you today. Before you say "ughh" and hit back, let me tell you something. If you haven't ever had a delicious salad, you haven't had a salad at all. Adding to the list of pros, this is a foolproof recipe. It takes zero cooking skills or experience. There is absolutely no way this could go wrong. And the best part, you can store it for up to 5 days. Although, it is highly unlikely that you wouldn’t finish it all up in a day.

For everyone who's eager to try it out now, skip to the recipe. But first let's go through some basics.

Virgin coconut oil salad dressing with salt and ppper

How To Cook Chicken For Salads

Poaching is the best way to cook chicken for a salad. While you can add in any kind of cooked chicken to a salad, poaching keeps the chicken tender enough to hold moisture.

All you need to do is boil some water with salt added. Once the water comes to boil, add in chicken pieces and turn off the heat. The chicken will be cooked within 15 min. Make sure the lid is closed. The chicken will be cooked just enough. For those who prefer their chicken cooked well done, leave it in the boiling water with flame to simmer for 10 minutes before turning off the heat.

The Secret Is In The Dressing

When it comes to salad dressing, the choices are as wide as the ocean. There are cream based, oil based, even honey based dressing. Dressings can change the flavour of the whole salad. From savoury to sweet, you have it all. In this recipe, we’ll be making a simple virgin coconut oil dressing. Don’t worry we’ve got a detailed dressing recipe for you to try out.

The Art Of Cutting Vegetables

Yes, you read it right. Cutting the vegetables right is very important for the right flavours to come out. There is an endless variety when it comes to cutting, be it slicing, dicing, chopping or if you’re in the mood for fancy, Julienne it. Follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll find yourself eating a heavenly salad.

Now let’s dive into the recipe. A healthy lifestyle is awaiting you!

Total Cook Time


Prep Time


Cook Time


Recipe Servings


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What You'll Need

For the dressing 

Virgin Coconut Oil



For the salad


Red Capsicum

Yellow Capsicum

Green Capsicum




Boneless Chicken

Mozzarella Cheese Grinded

The Cooking Process

1. Slice the tomatoes into eight parts from top to bottom as shown in the picture below. Now take out the core. Cut these pieces into two. If you are using cherry tomatoes, simply cut them in half.

Image by <a href="">Freepik</a>

2. Cut the capsicums through the stem and take out the seeds. Then, slice them into pieces 2-3 cm wide parallel along the stem. Cut each piece into three.

Image by <a href="">Freepik</a>

3. Cut the lettuce into two equal halves along the stem. Cut off the top 3-4 cm of the core. Slice the halves into two or three parts parallel to the first cut. Now cut perpendicular to these to make bite size squares.

<a href="">Image by stockking</a> on Freepik

4. The best way to cut cucumbers is to dice them. Cut off the two ends of the cucumber. Now cut these in cubes the size of 1-2 cm.

5. Slice the olives into small circular discs.

6. Shred the cooked chicken into bite size pieces. Head up to see the best way to cook chicken for a salad.

7. Mix the tomatoes, capsicum, lettuce, cucumber and chicken well. Add in a pinch of salt.

8. Top off the mix with mozzarella cheese and the olives.

9. Mix the Virgin Coconut Oil, salt and pepper in a small bowl and beat well.

10. Pour the dressing on top and you’re done!

Tips & Tricks

  1. Vegetables nowadays come with a lot of chemicals and pesticides. If you are not using organic produce, make sure to wash it properly.
  2. Soak the lettuce in water with a little bit or turmeric powder for removing pests and cleansing it well.
  3. Chicken salad can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 5 days. Make sure you use a tight and sealed tupperware for the same.


Q : Can I use a different dressing of this recipe?

A : The choice is always yours. Although it is best to use an oil based dressing for salads with a lot of vegetables. Virgin Coconut Oil and Olive Oil are the best for oil based dressings.

Q : What is an alternative for Mozzarella cheese I could use?

A : If you prefer hard cheeses, try feta, cottage cheese or halloumi. If you’d rather have melted cheese poured on top, go for parmesan, cheddar, gouda, ricotta or swiss.

Taking your first steps to a healthy lifestyle? We're with you all through the way. Check out our blog for more tips!


Enjoy eating!
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