Virgin Coconut Oil for good hair days!

February 1, 2023

Ever had a meeting, a date or a perfect day for a perfect day out but your hair just won’t let you have it?

Virgin coconut oil for good hair days

Does your curly hair take up an entire day to groom? Do your waves look unruly? Straight hair is not cake walk either. 

We adore our hair. Short hair, long hair, curly ones, wavy ones.

But taking care of your hair can be hard in your busy schedule especially with the prolonged exposure to heat and dust and other pollutants. 

Time to meet your new best friend - Virgin Coconut Oil.

For ages, coconut oil has been a source of nourishment for hair and scalp. Virgin Coconut Oil is unrefined and made from coconut milk, with a surplus of vitamins and essential fatty acids ensures healthy growth of hair and prevents early greying among other things. Green Valley, through its cold-press method ensures that all natural nutrients of coconut are retained and is completely chemical free.

Now let’s take a deep dive into the benefits and uses of Virgin Coconut Oil for hair.


Fights Fungal Infection

It has antimicrobial properties which can be used to relieve fungal infections. Capric acid present in it has antimicrobial properties which combat all infections caused by bacteria, virus and fungus.  It is ideal for treatment of hair with dandruff, yeast infection, dry scalp and other fungal infections. It provides relief from itching due to excess dandruff.

Reduces split ends

Virgin Coconut Oil not only nourishes the hair from the roots, it protects it from the outside. The minerals and fatty acids present in coconut oil moisturises the hair which in turn prevents split ends, breaking and brittleness of hair. It also provides a protective coating from excessive heat and pollution which may cause split ends.

Prevents greying

Our hair goes through so much damage on a daily basis, may it be the heat, the chemicals in the hair products or external factors, not to mention the stress of a busty life. It cools down the head while nourishing the hair, preventing early greying.

Reduces frizziness and add lustre

Coconut Oil acts as a natural conditioner. Use it before or after a shower for a perfect lustre and reduced frizziness. Just a few drops is all it takes to tame even the most unruly of hairs. The combination of palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid present in it forms a layer over the scalp and hair to prevent moisture loss and reduces frizz without causing too much greasiness or weighing it down. 

Soothes boils and scalp irritation

The antimicrobial properties of virgin coconut oil helps ease the irritation. Key components of Virgin coconut oil include caprylic acid, a medium chain fatty acid, and myristic acid, a saturated fatty acid. Caprylic acid assists in curing skin conditions and irritations while myristic acid aids in moisturizing skin and cleansing it. It’s a one stop for relief from all itchiness and irritation.

Promotes Hair Growth

Coconut oil contains essential fatty acids which helps in the growth of new follicles. When applied to the scalp, it nourishes the existing follicles and speeds up the process of hair growth giving you much fuller, thicker hair.

Provided below is a chart of the nutritional information of Virgin Coconut Oil.

No amount of shampoos and conditioners, treatments and masks are going to give the same effect as a good massage. Besides who doesn't love a good oil massage. Aside from nourishing your hair, it cools down your head and helps in stress relief. It’s a perfect Saturday plan. Certainly brings back memories, doesn’t it?

Go ahead and grab yourself a bottle of Green Valley Virgin Coconut Oil and get yourself the perfect Saturday. 

Green Valley products is made from fresh matured coconuts which are directly procured from farmers of Palakkad. Grown in the lush green valleys of Western Ghats, blessed with fertile lateritic soil which is most suitable for growing coconut palm trees, these coconut kernels are superior to any other. The mountain soil has the highest content of hummus. These coconuts are tended to by the farmers with utmost care and each kernel is handpicked by professionals in Green Valley. It is produced by cold-press method, and hence contains all the natural nutrients of coconut. Green Valley and its people are highly passionate about quality and keep away any adulterant - chemicals, sulphur, parabens, artificial fragrance, silicone, smoke, dirt, etc. at all stages.